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High Quality PCBs from TCL Elektronika

Electronics continues to grow and so does the demand for Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards come in a variety of forms and technologies, including Multi-Layer, Heavy Copper, Rigid-Flex, and Ceramic PCBs. To ensure that electronic devices perform efficiently and reliably, it is essential to choose PCBs that are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards.

The first step in obtaining a high-quality PCB is the design process. Adherence to industry standards such as those established by the IPC, a trade association that brings together all stakeholders in the PCB industry, is crucial. The IPC publishes the most widely used industry standards in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards.

In addition to a well-designed PCB, it is also important to select the appropriate materials and surface finish for the final application. Factors such as the substrate's heat tolerance, heat management techniques, and wire bonding requirements must be considered. TCL Elektronika offers comprehensive support to PCB designers, providing them with guidance on materials and manufacturing processes, as well as conducting full manufacturing feasibility studies when necessary.

Once the Design for Manufacture process is complete, TCL Elektronika determines the best production source for the required technology, quantity, and price point. For urgent production requirements, such as Heavy Copper PCBs, the company utilizes its own European manufacturing specialists. For other technologies, TCL Elektronika may place the requirement with one of its Asia manufacturing partners, which are fully audited by the company's Group personnel in Hong Kong and China. While Asia manufacturing offers the lowest cost, TCL Elektronika carefully selects the appropriate factory to best fit the PCB design and production requirements.

In conclusion, TCL Elektronika is a trusted and quality PCB manufacturer that takes care of every step of the manufacturing process. The company consistently delivers quality PCBs on time and within budget, making it a trusted partner for electronics manufacturing. Contact TCL Elektronika to learn how the company can add value to your electronics manufacturing process.

Date : 15-02-2023