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Chinese New Year is early in 2023!

Order now to avoid supply disruption

Chinese New Year

PCB Factories are closing mid-January.
It is now time to schedule your PCB orders!

Every year this annual event has a substantial impact on the supply chain for Printed Circuit Boards with production in the factories more or less put on hold during the celebrations.

Equally, every year the CNY factory shutdown catches many companies out, with shortages and delays on receiving their PCBs.

Please contact us now to place your orders to ensure uninterrupted supply.

Going forward, one solution to avoid interruptions to any supply chain issues for your PCBs, including CNY, is to investigate our stock management programs.

Chinese New Year

A dedicated and experienced PCB stock management team can develop a bespoke programme for your company including:

  • Inventory Buffering
  • KanBan/Re-Order Point Systems
  • Schedule-Sharing
  • Consignment stock

The benefits of consignment stock includes building a large initial batch of PCBs to reduce costs, you pay later, stock is on your premises and available to use at any time, with the added benefit of reducing carriage transactions.

Date : 09-11-2022